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 S2_Online is an email list server for qualified security managers to help other new security managers. This is shared brain power where we can ask for assistance and leverage the the combined experience of experienced Security Managers - Click here for the S2_Online Email List Server (Formerly Security Managers Info List Server)


S2's are the Intelligence and Security Officer for Military Units. This is often a thankless job, where they receive little training.

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OPM Retirement Info

VA Page. Outstanding info to include Newest Vet Benefits Handbook

DOD Finance and Accounting Office (DFAS)

Department of Veteran Affairs.

U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs

Aberdeen Proving Ground Retiree Council Website

Veterans Alliance Service Center Great page of Links!

Links from a great Webpage
Mike Causey


Google Finance
Motley Fool
Retirement Journal

OPM Status

CSRS Spreadsheet



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Retirement Info


OPM Retirement Info

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