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 S2_Online is an email list server for qualified security managers to help other new security managers. This is shared brain power where we can ask for assistance and leverage the the combined experience of experienced Security Managers - Click here for the S2_Online Email List Server (Formerly Security Managers Info List Server)


S2's are the Intelligence and Security Officer for Military Units. This is often a thankless job, where they receive little training.

How can I contact the Webmaster?  I want to submit a website, how?


Obviously we do not want to cause spam attacks on the webmaster. So, posting an email address on a website WILL invite a spam attack.  (Lesson learned the hard way.)


Being that if you are looking in this website you are probably good at thinking out problems and information.


So, we know the name of this website: www.G2online.Info

We also know the manager of this site is JRL

I am sure you will figure out an address. 

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 I want to submit a website, how?

Very easy!  Prepare your information on a Microsoft Word Document. Put the link and a small write up. Put your name as the donor and send it!  IF you have a lot of links that might make a new page here, use your formatting.  If just submitting one or two links, try to use the same formatting as the page uses.


Our Mission

The mission of this site is to share SOPs and questions, especially for the non-Security Manager or Intelligence personnel who get thrown into an S2 (Military Security Manager) slot with no training. This will give you a system to ask questions, without appearing the fool in front of your commander. We all have knowledge on a part of this business. If we share, we all look smart! This is done in conjunction with our list server S2_Online. Membership is open to all .mil and .gov addresses. Information may be found at our Yahoo listserver.

I have retired from the military and worked civil service with the military, then provided support at Homeland Security in the intelligence community and security at Department of Energy. Any links or assistance you can provide would be appreciated, and may appear in the links at the bottom of this page.

All resources provided here are FREE, out of an individual's dedication and off duty time.


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